Duo shows

At the moment Duo Jonglissimo offers the following shows:

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Additionally to the duo shows we now offer team shows with 4-5 jugglers.

Jonglissimo Stage!

World class juggling with charm, combining both elegance and dynamic! This show covers amazing juggling technique with huge juggling frisbees, rings and glowing clubs. With this fabulous show the duo won the juggling world championships in 2007.

Some of the highlights are 8 clubs back-to-back, 11 rings and also 10 glowing clubs.

  • Duration:
    8 Minutes
  • Requirements:
    stage (6 x 4 meters free space with 4 meters to ceiling) + stage lighting
    room that can be shaded! (on request this act can be done without glowing clubs)
    sound system + CD player

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"The routine garnered a standing ovation from the IJA crowd and a gold medal from the judges"
Juggle Magazine in September 2005



Jonglissimo Action!

Entertainment is the main part of this show. The brothers juggle with knives around a volunteer (probably the boss, politicians ).  This show is the absolute fun highlight for every event.

  • Duration:
    approx. 8 minutes
  • Requirements:
    free space with 4 x 2 meters,
    sound system and 2 microphones (headsets)

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Juggling Computer

The perfect symbiosis of human and computer. The fascination of this act is the computer-precise timing and the funny sound effects. A clever and entertaining parody of the daily use of computers.

  • Duration:
    8,5 minutes
  • Requirements:
    Stage (6 x 4 m free space with 5 m to ceiling) + stage lighting
    sound system + CD-Player + 1 microphone

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Jonglissimo Glow!

In three different colours glowing clubs are spinning through the air. They are drawing fascinating images into the darkness. With the help of modern high-tech juggling equipment this show becomes an unforgettable experience.

In the special-edition Jonglissimo Glow Christmas this is the ideal act for every Christmas party.

  • Duration:
    approx. 6 minutes
  • Requirements:
    stage (6 x 4 meters free space with 4 meters to ceiling)
    room that can be shaded!
    sound system and CD player

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Jonglissimo Concept!

On request the duo develops a customized concept for your event.
The show will focus on your company or product and will be presented in an entertaining way.

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